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Magic the Gathering: Brothers' War - Jumpstart Booster Box (18)


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The Brothers’ War Jumpstart Booster Box contains 18 The Brothers’ War Jumpstart Boosters. Each booster has a theme. Just grab two packs and shuffle them together for wild combos and a unique gameplay experience that’s great for a quick, casual game, for older players looking to jump back in, or for giving new players a fun, simple way to learn the game.

The Brothers’ War Jumpstart Boosters contain 20 Magic cards (including all the lands you need to play). In every pack, you’ll find 2 Rare cards, 1 of which may be a Mythic Rare, and 2 Land cards that are Traditional Foil.

If you’re looking to maximize your mash-up, The Brothers’ War Jumpstart Boosters are compatible with all other Jumpstart products.


  • 18 Magic the Gathering: Brothers’ War Jumpstart Booster

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