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The Witcher: Old World - Mages Expansion (OUTLET)

Uwaga! Gra sprzedawana jako produkt outletowy – jest fabrycznie nowa, ale posiada widoczne na opakowaniu uszkodzenia, które nie przeszkadzają w rozgrywce.

Please note! While this game is being sold as an outlet item, it is brand new. However, there may be visible damage to the packaging, which does not affect gameplay.

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Attention! This is not a standalone game! The base version of the game: The Witcher: Old World is required to play.

The Witcher: Old World – Mages Expansion: 5 New Playable Characters!

In the world of the Witcher, mages are powerful beings traversing the Continent, often entangled in political intrigues, both minor and major. Like witchers, they hunt beasts – not for trophies, but to acquire precious ingredients necessary for their magical potion works. In the Old World, full of dangerous creatures, everyone tries to earn their fame.

“The Witcher: Old World – Mages Expansion” introduces 5 new playable characters along with all necessary components for them: miniatures, unique decks, and boards representing their abilities. While they differ from witchers, with minor modifications, we can use both types of heroes in a single game, and each will develop and fight in their own style.

What is “The Witcher: Old World”? It’s an adventure board game that takes players on a journey through a fantastical world filled with danger, secret magic, dark secrets, and extraordinary places waiting to be discovered. The game is set in the beloved universe of The Witcher, many years before the events of the Geralt of Rivia saga, in times when a monster plague ravaged the Continent. The only ones capable of countering it were the witchers – professional killers trained to fight creatures hostile to humans.


  • 5 figurek magów
  • 5 planszetek gracza
  • 5 znaczników magów
  • 30 drewnianych znaczników
  • 5 znaczników specjalności
  • 140 kart akcji
  • 20 kart trofeów
  • plansza
  • instrukcja


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